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Valhal Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Vikings go raiding. That's sort of what they do. They also build settlements. It's also sort of what they do. Put them together and you have Valhal, a new strategic board game up on Kickstarter. Become the leader of your own viking group and lead them into battle while increasing your own settlement's resources (mostly with stuff you hauled back from England).

About the game:

Valhal is a 2-4 player game set at the dawn of the Viking era.

The Game is all about raiding and building your own settlement. We have an innovative building system, entertaining fights and over 140 unique cards, full of storys from the northern lore and effects on the game.

The game is up on Kickstarter now. They're about 2/3 to their goal with 16 days still on the clock.