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Vajra Enterprises Letting Fans Choose Their Next Project

Vajra Enterprises is giving fans the ability to vote on what their next project will be.

From the announcement:

Vajra Enterprises, publishers of the Fates Worse Than Death, In Dark Alleys, Tibet, KidWorld, Hoodoo Blues and Seeker game lines, has just announced that it will let its fans vote to decide what the next project the company publishes will be.

Vajra Enterprises just released Abandoned, a massive sourcebook for the In Dark Alleys line. Vajra had several projects lined up as the possible next project to follow Abandoned, and so Vajra’s creative director, Brian St.Claire-King, decided to let fans vote on the next project.

Voting will end on March 31st, 2013, and immediately afterwards Vajra Enterprises will announce the winner. Voting will take place on Burn Immediately, the discussion forum for Vajra Enterprises games ( Possible next projects include a negotiation game set in the world of Fates Worse Than Death, a horror card game, a sourcebook for Fates Worse Than Death, and a Vajra-ized version of the acclaimed JAGS Wonderland.