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V3G launches IncrediBrawl Kickstarter campaign

V3G just launched their Kickstarter program to fund IncrediBrawl, their new humorous card game.

From the campaign:

In IncrediBrawl, each player guides a colorful cast of characters, from all corners of the imagination, as they meet in an epic clash for glory! Summon the right characters at the right time to outwit your opponents; use whatever strategy you can muster to overcome the randomness of the brawl! Amass the most glory along the way to become the ultimate champion in this crazy contest of luck and wits!

IncrediBrawl is designed to be a fun and chaotic casual card game. What sets it apart from other casual games is its scalable rules framework, called Game Modes. These optional rules allow you to play the way you want, based on your gaming group: from a simplified version perfect for younger children and families all the way to a more complex and strategic game great for more serious gamers.

IncrediBrawl is a card game for 2-4 players. A typical game takes around 30 minutes, and with the various game modes, is perfect for ages 6 and up!