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V Reich Faction For Punkapocalyptic Up On Kickstarter

Punkapocalyptic is looking to add a new faction. It's the V Reich. They're all-inclusive, letting in anyone... as long as you're not a mutant. That, they just won't tolerate. The new faction is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Who are the V Reich?

No one knows exactly who stablished the V Reich operating around the Scrapbridge area, but they undoubtedly were some folks who found a heavy load of 20th century History books and they clearly lost control of their grip with all the national-socialist regalia linked with the European fascist regimes from the 30s and 40s. Staying away from the anarch-punk attitude and looks of the regular gangers, this person or persons founded a highly-militarized, organized and hierarchical organization, stocking loads of military apparel in a fortresslike settlement they baptized as Festung Germania. As the books that survived from the World of Before stated very old dates, and doubting if there had been another Reich after the Third they had read so much about, they decided to name the new organization as the Fifth Reich, just in case.

In spite of their grand ideals, not so long ago this group was a bunch of losers who got asskicked by any other faction around. But in a twist of fate two random events turned the tide. In a military bunker they found some old cryogenic chambers with genetically enhanced soldiers ready for war, stronger and less inteligent than the average band member, who immediately became the elite shock troops of the Reich. And during a rutinary mission in search of supplies, a patrol found a trapdoor hidden under the rubble of a mansion from the World of Before. It led to the personal private museum of Edward Berhart, World War II collector and enthusiast, with hundreds of original uniforms and weapons which were an ideal stock for this faction.

The basic principles of the V Reich are a deep hate towards Mutards, whom they consider animals unworthy of sharing the same land as humans, as well as some kind of fatalistic doomsday cult, as they think that the true end of the World is yet to come and they must get ready for it. That said, you need to know that as long as you don’t have extra limbs, scales, tail or some weird-ass mutation, the V Reich will receive you with open arms no matter your gender, race or religion: women, latinos, jews and black people fill the ranks of this organization, which is currently ruled by Führer Aaron Schwartzmann.

The Kickstarter campaign is closing in on their funding goal with still 14 days left to go.