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USSC/RAF Orbital Gunboats Re-Released from Genet Models

Genet Models has re-released their Oribatl Gunboats, perfect for Crooked Dice's 7TV game.

From the re-release:

Some fans of Crooked Dice Games's 7TV miniatures and rules have been asking me to re-release the U.S. Space Command and Royal Aerospace Force orbital gunboat models that I did last year, and a recent comment from one of those fans over at Chez Ebbles reminded me to take care of that today.

Both models are 1:60 scale downloadable paper models, compatible with 28mm figures, and measure 12 inches long.

As a bonus, 1:120 scale versions compatible with 15mm figures are included.

Price for each gunboat model is $6.50 USD.