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USPCC running The Princess Bride playing cards Kickstarter

USPCC (or the US Playing Card Company for those that like names typed out long-hand) has a Kickstarter campaign going to create playing cards with art inspired by The Princess Bride.
And yes, they've already done the "Inconceivable!" joke.


From the campaign:

You may have seen our work on The Name of the Wind, Synthesis, The White Rabbit or The Call of Cthulhu decks that we've done over the past year. Fortunately, some folks in high places have seen them as well and we were able to secure licensing for one of our favorite movies ever: The Princess Bride.

Dare the fire swamps and evade the R.O.U.S.'s and flame spurts. Challenge the Sicilian in a game of wits and maybe try a little iocane powder. Avoid the six-fingered man and have fun storming the castle with us!