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USEME Boxed Set Success - New Title Announced

Barking Irons has a new Use Me boxed set available and has a new name for the set.

From the announcement:

Three weeks ago we released the first in a planned series of starter packs for the popular USE ME wargame system. We would like to thank everyone who supported this by buying a set and also by suggesting other titles we could create in the series. We have already exceeded expected sales to the point where extra boxes have had to be brought in!

With this support we can announce the title of the next USE ME Starter Pack - UMS02 The Ziggurat of Clem IV. The Zidhe wish to capture the secrets of the Progenitors but will the Octopods let them have their way? This next pack will be coming this autumn. If you wish for more information please email us and ask. In the meantime here is a re-cap on the first starter set.

UMS01 Danger at Outpost 32 is a boxed USE ME Starter Set which contains the following items: UM001 USE ME 15mm Science Fiction rulebook, 27 White Metal Miniatures 15mm scale, 27 Plastic Round Bases, 2D6 Dice, Set of UMS01 Scenario Sheets including Rosters. Can the militia defending the outpost survive the attack by Grey Aliens?