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USAopoly Releases Rollers Dice Game

What is it about rolling dice? Just earlier, when thinking about what I wanted to type for a different story, I grabbed some D20 that I keep here at my desk (I've also got various D6s) and was just rolling them. It was for no reason at all, just something to do while I thought about what I wanted to type. Most of us love rolling dice. That's why there's so many games that involve them. And new games come out all the time that use dice. Take, for example, Rollers, a new dice game from USAopoly.


The game is a quick-playing game of chance where you're looking to be the first player to score 5 points. You do this by rolling sets and marking them off on your board, "opening" and "closing" various parts of your board as you do so. Wild Stars will help you create those sets, but a Zap will cancel out your roll.

If you want to pick up a copy, you'll have to head to Target, as they're the only place you can get the game.