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USAopoly Announces Privacy Party Game

We've all got questions that we'd like to ask, but "polite society" tells us that we shouldn't. Or maybe we're just too shy to ask. Well, in Privacy, a new party game coming from USAopoly, polite society can take a hike, and the anonymous nature of the responses means you don't have to be shy about answers. What sort of things do you want to know about?

From the website:

We’re all too familiar with reaching that phase in a friendship when courtesy becomes a thing of the past and true colors start to show. Conversations get more personal, off-color remarks aren’t off-limits, and soon you’re finding yourself wondering just what lines you can and can’t cross with the people you’re close to (or so you thought).

At the next big get-together, you won’t have to wonder how to go about broaching those taboo topics. Learn the s#!t you’ve always wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask when you’re finally able to get your hands on Privacy!

Your excuse for being intrusive is just around the corner in this upcoming party game for adults only! Prepare to pose the most outrageous questions to your peers about their personal habits, boundaries, and secrets… and then try to guess the outcome! “Yes” or “No” answer tokens are placed secretively into a closed ballot box. Correctly predict how many people said “Yes” to up to 400 barefaced questions to earn the most points and win!

Identities remain anonymous unless you can narrow down who said what. Dare to make it a rite of passage with anyone from new acquaintances to co-workers who get the best of your curiosity! Privacy will soon be revealed at your local game store!