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USAopoly Announces Disney's A Wrinkle In Time Board Game

I have to admit, I've read very few fiction books. They're not really my thing. However, one I remember reading and enjoying was A Wrinkle in Time (actually, back in grade school, for a project, I even created a board game about it. So there's your gaming tie-in). The book will soon be a movie. And that movie will soon be a board game (though no, it's not the one I created almost 30 years ago) from USAopoly called A Wrinkle in Time: A Daring Adventure Game.

About the game:

From folks who may remember it as required reading, to young sci-fi fans who love an in-depth story, Disney A Wrinkle in Time is a tale that stands out with its captivating imagery and unforgettable characters. So just in time for a new generation to experience the journey comes a unique cooperative dice game sure to gather families around the table—Disney A Wrinkle in Time: A Daring Adventure Game is coming to stores in March!

Inspired by the upcoming live-action Walt Disney Pictures film starring Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and more, this must-have STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skill-focused game lets players take on the roles of Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin as they explore different locations to rescue Mr. Murry! Use clever geometric Flex Enfolders to help solve puzzles, code different patterns that will determine your path, and read through Mrs. Who’s Quizzing glasses to decode secret messages! Every challenge reflects the spirit of teamwork found in the book and film, so all players must work together to win the game!