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USAopoly 13 Days of Giving Starts Today

This time of year people are generally getting together with friends and loved ones to celebrate the end-of-the-year holidays (whichever you might choose to celebrate). Well, USAopoly is a great place to pick up various games to play with said friends and loved ones. There's dozens of "classic" board games that've been updated in various ways. There's also many newer games that they've got in stock. Well, they're looking to have fewer in stock, and by that, I mean they're giving them away.

Not, like, all of them, of course. They'd not stay in business very long if they just opened up the warehouse doors and said, "Have at it!" But, you can enter into their 13 Days of Giving Games contest and maybe get some free games for yourself. Each day they're giving away different game packs. But you don't just win a game, they're also giving to Toys for Tots. Each game they give away in the contest, they'll give another one to charity. Because awesomeness.