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USAOpoloy Posts Preview of Munchkin Zombies: The Walking Dead Set

In Munchkin Zombies: The Walking Dead, you're one of the shambling masses. But you don't just want to be one of the crowd. You want to stand out from your other brain-munching buddies and really make a name for yourself. You do that by eating the brains of prominent survivors, of course. This expansion brings the brain-munching of the Walking Dead series and adds in that bit of Munchkin whimsy.

This new 56-card expansion (it's not a stand-alone, you need the regular Munchkin Zombies to play) has comic book art from the Skybound series. Equip items like the Sheriff's hat and an Eyepatch in order to take on survivors like Carl and the Governor. Finally wanted to eat Rick's brains? Well now you have a chance to do that.