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Urban War version 2 update

Urban Mammoth have posted some new details about their upcoming Urban War 2nd Edition rules. From their announcement:
Some of you may also be aware that we are planning the release of our Urban War 2nd Edition Game. This has a planned release date of the 1st of June 2011. Please be assured that ALL our miniatures will still be valid for the game; the only difference being that we will also supply a STAT card with each figure in the blistered range from the 1st of June onwards. The Starter Strike Teams will also be updated; they will contain the original miniatures but will also come now with quick start rules, faction reference sheet, quick reference sheet, 2 D10 as well as STAT cards for each of the miniatures contained within the set, again this will be from the 1st of June onwards. However we still have stocks of the original sets (and the figures within will be valid for 2nd Edition) so we are also offering them in our online store at 20% until the 16th of May 2011. You can buy them here. For those of you with existing miniatures stat cards will be available on our new website from the 1st of June, so any miniatures you have or buy before then are still valid for the game. We will be sending out lots of info on the new 2nd Edition rules shortly as well as launching our new website, however please feel free to contact us directly via the forum post if you have any queries. Finally, for those of you how don’t’ have a copy of the 1st Edition rules and would like one to complete your collection we are offering the last remnants of our Urban War STA stock at a 40% discounted rate.