Urban War release schedule update

Urban Mammoth have posted a list of upcoming Urban War releases including a proposed 6mm scale game.

From their website:

Age of Tyrants is a new 6mm sci-fi TTG set in the Dracona Alba Galaxy. It describes the conflict of the emerging super powers of Viridia, Junkers, Syntha and VASA as they build their respective colonial empires. This game will be scaled to battalion level combat, though lower levels can be played, and will feature new tanks, APCs and artillery as well as the more common troops found in Urban War.

The game system is nearing completion and work on the miniatures started 4 weeks back. We will start previewing these sometime in July.

The miniatures for this product line, like Warheads, are generated in the computer and then rapid prototyped for moulding and will be cast in white metal.

The initial range will feature a rulebook and 4 starter boxed sets (1 for each of the factions) then subsequent releases will be blistered sets that will allow you to upgrade and customise your forces. Target date for release is November 2010.

Check out their message board post for full details.