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Urban Mammoth shows off concept art for new Neo Iskandrians

Urban Mammoth gives us a look at some new 3D concept art for their Neo Iskadrians line.

From the update:

Urban Mammoth is pleased to preview the first pictures of a work-in-progress version of the 3D sculpts for the Neo-Iskandrian Powered Armour for the Urban War Second Edition sci-fi skirmish game.

These images show the upper sections of the Powered Armour with the original concept art underneath as a way to illustrate how the 3D sculptors are transforming Wayne England's pencil drawings into 3D models that will be used to pose and create the final 28mm Neo-Iskandrian troop models.

Next week we will be posting more images of the Powered Armour as the sculptors continue to expand on this work and add more details.