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Urban Mammoth Announces New Marketing and Promotions Position

Urban Mammoth is pleased to announce the addition of Zac Belado, the founding editor of Tabletop Gaming News, to the Urban War team

From their website:

Zac will be bringing his experience with marketing and promotions in the tabletop gaming industry to the company to help Urban Mammoth expand the audience for Urban War. In addition to his many years of writing and marketing experience he will also be bringing to the company his unique experience in building online communities. He is not only a long-time tabletop gamer but has also been playing Urban War, and its precursor Void, for years and was one of the early Void demo team members.

"Some of my favourite gaming memories involve Syntha Grape Gunners, Viridian Shock Troopers and the VASA Archangels. Some people got into sci-fi mass combat via games like Warhammer 40K, but VOID was my first large-scale sci-fi game and the Urban War universe has been a part of my gaming history ever since."

John Robertson of Urban Mammoth is excited by the addition of Zac to the team.
"Zac has a unique blend of skills that we are happy to add to Urban Mammoth and the Urban War team. He is not only a gamer and a fan of the system and universe but he has spent years working as an intermediary between fans and the industry. He has approached the business of marketing games from the perspective of an industry professional as well as a fan."

Zac's first tasks will be expanding the presence of Urban War online with a series of new social media pages as well as posting news and information to other online sites and forums.

Urban Mammoth is the producer of games and miniatures such as Warheads and the Urban War Second Edition sci-fi skirmish game.