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Urban Lasercraft's Malifaux Black Joker Friday Sale

Urban Lasercraft has a sale going on for their Malifaux token set over on their website.


From the announcement:

There is nothing quite so crushing as flipping the Black Joker right as you have the enemy master in sight. Well, except for the throngs of shoppers on Black Friday!

Urban Lasercraft LLC is happy to announce our Black Joker Friday sale! Save 23% on our Malifaux v2* Mega Bundle Token Set! That means our $50 token set which includes 57 Tokens including 10 faction specific scheme tokens AND 10 soulstone/marker gems in the faction color (5 corpse, 5 scrap, 4 poison, 3 paralyzed, 4 slow, 4 burning, 2 fast, 2 reactivate, 2 aura, 3 shield, 1 focus, 4 blank 3/4” dics, 1 blank 30mm disc, 2 clear blast templates, and 5 Deployment markers) is now only $38.50! A deal you can’t beat!

Can’t decide a faction or want to get a set with your own letters on it? Choose custom black or custom colored and we can put up to 3 letters in Blood Crow font on the scheme markers! (Custom colored options are Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Brown, Black, Green, Yellow, and Orange)

All acrylic comes with masking to allow you to paint the engraved sections any color you want. For an extra $10 we can put any logo/emblem you wish inside the 30mm scheme marker as well.

Hurry because this deal won’t last long. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and then a little longer and then it’s gone so get into the holidays with this awesome token set and crush your enemy masters on the field :)

Use coupon code blackjoker during checkout to get the discount. (Coupon Expires 12/09/2013)