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Urban Lasercraft opens up the doors with a GenCon coupon and more

Urban Lasercraft is a new laser-cutting token and terrain company that's opening their doors and start off with a bang with a GenCon coupon.

From the announcement:

Plan A: Get laser, get shark, take over world. Well turns out sharks are too hard to buy and even when you do get one, putting a laser on their head and teaching them to sow chaos is tough… So Plan B! Make tokens, templates, and terrain for all my hobby tabletop games!

We are happy to announce the opening of Urban Lasercraft at We are in the process of uploading our entire inventory but you can find tokens and templates for a variety of popular games that we enjoy. There are tokens and movement templates that are compatible with the FlightPath™ system used in Fantasy Flight Games® space combat game X-Wing Miniatures™ as well as WizKids® Star Trek™ Attack Wing games.*

We are also really excited to release our new line of tokens that are compatible with Wyrd Miniatures® new version 2.0 of Malifaux™ * including 30mm tokens with custom faction logos on them that can be used for a variety of in game objectives.

In addition to tokens and templates for our favorite games, we also offer a growing selection of Sci-Fi terrain including a 8”x8” central command objective building with some cool computer props inside.

And this is just the beginning! We offer custom meeple creation services, custom token commissions, and a majority of our templates can be customized with your personal logos or names on them. You can see some of our items in the Infinity ITS tournament where we donated some building terrain for the boards and also as prize support for some of the Malifaux events.

We are super excited about GenCon and while we aren’t bringing anything to sell (we are just a very small outfit), in order to celebrate it from now until Sept 1st use the coupon gencon in the webstore and get 10% off your entire order! Because we will be at GenCon orders and emails might be a little delayed but that is why we are keeping the coupon good until Sept 1st.