Urban Construct release Modern worn tarmac road pieces

Modern worn tarmac roadUrban Construct have added Modern worn tarmac road terrain pieces to their online store.

From their announcement:
Urban Construct have added two more modern worn tarmac road pieces to their 25mm/28mm modular range of City Scape models. The ‘T’ junction and a crossroads come with removable ‘chequerplate’ manhole covers for ‘pop-up’ ambushes.
For more info review www.urbanconstruct.co.uk

These supplement their new range of sewers, cellars/basements and roads to provide a subterranean dimension for skirmish and role playing games.

Urban Construct produce highly detailed 25mm/28mm resin wargames scenery for WW1, WW2, modern, near future and post-apocalypse wargames.