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Urban Construct gives us a new Modular Castle

Urban Construct shows off their new modular castle builder terrain pieces.

The model builders have this to say:

Urbanconstruct are pleased to present their new resin 25/28mm Castle Builder range for historical or fantasy role playing games.
As with our other modular buildings the castle can be laid out as large as you like. The size can be expanded by adding more models.
These models are highly detailed and have a fully 3D textured surface to give that rough, craggy, random look of weatherworn stone. This detail continues inside the model so that the skirmish can continue there. The towers even have winding steps that suit standard 25mm bases.
By using the self supporting walls you can create:
A keep with access to the first floor only via a set of stone steps and a drawbridge, to keep the enemy from assaulting the sturdy iron bound door (repositionable). There are internal stone steps, a wooden floor, windows on three sides and a well.
A fort or milecastle
A guard tower. As part of a defensive wall or stand alone.
A portcullis or barred wooden gates.
A barbican with an internal killing space from the roof above.
An outer wall with a walkway and crenellations on both sides. Also with gates or portcullis. Perhaps spanning a mountain pass…
A bridge or viaduct with arches, a walkway and crenellations.
A castle with as many towers, walls, gates, portcullis, barbicans or outer walls as you require.
A wizard’s tower.
The advantage of our modular approach is that you have flexibility in how you lay them out or re-use them for alternative scenarios.

The keep, which is one of the above suggested combinations is only £55 and comprises 3 walls with windows models and one with an iron banded door, 1 personnel drawbridge, 1 stone roof model, 1 stone floor, 1 wooden floor, 1 set of internal stone steps, 1 set of external stone steps for access to the first floor level door and 1 set of corners. See more details of this building and other products at