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Upgrade your defences with Sally 4th Castle Wall Hoarding

Sally 4th helps keep your castle in the right hands (that'd be, in the hands of your little mans and not your opponent's) with their new Wall Hoarding.

From the release:

This weeks new release in our expanding range of 28mm castle and siege equipment is a set of hoardings to fit on top of our castle walls. These are detailed kits with detailed but robust jointed beam work. The hoardings will slip on and off of our wall sections, so you do not need to use them in every game. The front wall of the hoarding can be glued in place, but I have left mine lose so it can be reversed to represent either plaster or wood planked hoardings.

The hoardings are available in four styles to suit the development of castles and weaponry:

Longbow arrow slits
Early Crossbow
Late Crossbow
Handgun loops

The castle wall hoardings are designed to work with any of our 10' or 20' castle wall sections.

The roof is removable to allow movement of figures within the hoarding section during a game. The roof is portrayed as wooden planking, but can be easily tiled using the optional Sally 4th roof tiling kit.

This is an easy to assemble laser cut mdf kit, designed for 28mm or 25mm models.
The kit is supplied unpainted and unassembled.
The only product you need to assemble this model is PVA Woodwork Adhesive.
Miniatures in photographs are Games Workshop Warhammer Citadel Miniatures, Perry Miniatures and Fireforge Medieval Miniatures from my personal collection and appear to show the scale of the model.
Miniatures and wall section are not included.