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Airships vs. Aliens strategy board game on KickStarter (update)

Airships vs. Aliens, from ZN Games and Impact Miniatures, has added a new game system to their Airships vs. Aliens miniatures Kickstarter.
What would you rather do, defend the Earth or invade it?

Airships vs Aliens


From the campaign:

Airships vs Aliens is a quick strategy board game for 2 players with one player defending the Earth with 10 Steampunk Airship miniatures while the opposing player attempts to win the invasion using 10 Alien ship miniatures. The game is pure strategy with no luck elements involved.

Airships vs Aliens has an easy to learn with just 2 pages of rules for gameplay but includes more complex strategies due to the use of limited command tokens offering an extra move during a single turn and possible reinforcements of previous destroyed ships. Rules for the game can be found at the KickStarter.

The Airships vs Aliens board game with the 20 miniatures is offered at $50 with free shipping (domestic or international) as part of the KickStarter