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Updates from the Privateer Press Keynote Panel - Finished and updated

Hey everyone. Privateer Press held their annual Keynote Panel over at Templecon. It was a nice presentation with a lot of little tidbits in there. Below the break, you can get a summary of what they talked about.

Video just starting talking about the video game.
Artwork concepts and such for the video game still.
New 3D models for Strakhov and some Protectorate warjacks.
Some new concept art for environments now. All still with the video game.
No gameplay video net, though as the video ends for the video game part of things.

Next section is about Iron Kingdoms: Unleashed, taking the RPG game into the Hordes side of things. Going into the wilds of Immoren.
It will be a stand-alone game, but work with the IKRPG as it is as well.
"Very feral characters and a very different feel from IKRPG."
And that's that part...

New Hordes book: Exigence.
Seacat looks weird without his glasses on.
Helga, new Farrow Warlock announced.
Xerxes epic form shown, riding a rhino.
New Female Gatorman (gatorwoman? Gatorperson) warlock.
Heavy Nephylm character warbeast announced.
Gatorman battle engine announced.
Meat Thresher battle engine for Farrow.
New Beast Packs, sort of "lesser lesser warbeasts" are part unit, part warbeast. No sprials, but can acquire Fury, can be transferred to, need coherency.
New Lesser Warlocks for Hordes. No built-in battlegroup like previous Lessers.
Coming fall 2014

Moving on to Level 7 stuff.
Aliens invading the earth, apparently.
Level 7 announced.
and that's all for that

And now Warmachine
Looks like Cephalyx stuff.
Cephalyx sounds like they're getting their own faction.
Agitator: New Ceplayx Solo
Cepalyx Mind Bender, new unit
Cephalyx Dominator, new UA for any small/mid merc unit.
Monstrosity, the "warjacks" of the sub-faction.
Monstrosities are living models, don't have a cortex, but have a "brain" system, not /actually/ warjacks.
Monstrosities are fairly cheap, but have all 36 hit boxes available to them in their damage grid.
New Warcasters has a FOC of 8, can turn his Monstrosities into arc nodes, can heal Monstrosities and have effects of blasting enemies by making them attack themselves.
Sounds like they'll be at Lock & Load.

And that's their video presentation. Moving on to Q&A.

Q: Will WB packs share one track or be like a multi-wound unit? How about Frenzy?
A: Each member has their own damage track. There is a chance they could Frenzy.

Q: Are there any arc-nodes for pigs?
A: No "pork-nodes."

Q: Is there a reach-beast for the Farrow?
A: No reach currently for Exigence.

Q: How much to find out what the Troll warbeast pack is?
A: You're gonna have to wait. There is no Warbeast Pack yet, but they do get something else...

Q: Are Cephalyx a Vengeance release?
A: They are a Mercs. Sub-Faction, but a rather large release.

Q: Are Hordes getting a new faction soon?
A: Of course! A new faction is in the works.

Con-Exclusive Model (also available on their webshop) - Goreshade Rollin' Bones. Goreshade with a D6 he's summoning.

And that's the end of the presentation. Hope you enjoyed it.