Updates from the Dark Age panel at CMON Expo

Hey guys, I’m here at CMON Expo at the Dark Age panel.

Here’s what we got going on. I’ll update this as we go along!

New sculpts of older models coming soon!
Expect those later this year.

Will have more concentrated effort to have two major releases a year. A book at GenCon and another at Templecon.

Want to avoid faction bloat, so no redundant models.

Rulebook trade in continues. Just bring in old and trade for new for free, no matter what. “Rules should always be free.”

New book at GenCon will have new faction
15 new units for the faction and lots of fluff.

Next book, Fanaticism.
New splinter of the Forsaken.
“Listen to the Prevailers”
Split up the Saints to the four corners of the world.
Prevailers council has the best tech, since they’ve had it the longest and they’re the richest.

Archangel battle suit powered by human battery.

Jump-jet infantry. Only jump pack troops on the planet.

Pair of drarf units.

Prevailers – if you don’t believe, we kill you.

One thing that sets Prevailers different: followers can perform “miracles” which are low-level psychogenics.

New cavalry versions of the saints.

These are the GenCon releases and in the six months after.

New units for regular Forsaken, too.

Big flood of Core as well because of the production delays.

Dragyri Core model. Dragyri brain in Core body.
Core models in the next two months.

Question: will revamps be total or just some?
Just what needs to be fixed.

Q: when will army builder be updated.
A: it’s a one man show, but hopefully soon. Also, homepage will be updated as well.

Mounts are to be centerpiece minis for the Forsaken.

Fanaticism has four plot points that will play out majorly later.
Mixtures of sub-factions and new factions.

Brood might be getting sub-faction soon.
Forsaken some of the first for resculpts.