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Updates from Legionnaire Games

Legionnaire Games has announced updates, new releases and sales.

From their website:

We've made two PDF bundles available for a limited time - the Strike Legion Tactical Bundle and the Strike Legion Everything Bundle.

The Tactical Bundle includes the Strike Legion Main Rulebook, Module One: The Genome Gambit, Module Two: The Clockwork Armies, and Skunk Works; the Everything Bundle adds the Strike Legion Planetary Operations rulebook and The War That Never Was expansion. Each of these bundles will save you a little bit more than purchasing the books individually.

If you've been thinking about getting started with or expanding your collection of books in the Strike Legion series, this is a great opportunity to jump off the fence and get playing!

New Gaming Materials
We've recently added six new army lists for use in the Planetary Operations game to our Downloads page ( Imperial Marines and Imperial Legionnaires, along with lists for miniatures from Ground Zero Games, Plasmablast Miniatures, and Microworld Games. An updated Microworld Games' Foundaitionists list is also available for the Strike Legion tactical game system.

New Releases
We'll also have the first book in our next product line, Task Force Zeta Volume One: Ships of the Line, available very soon (7 to 10 days). This first book in our starship combat line of games contains rules for the use and construction of warships and fighters, with literally hundreds of possible basic hull configurations, eleven weapons classes, six different types of armor and shields, three different starship drive types, special ship systems, and proven combat and maneuvering game systems to give players detailed ships that handle quite easily on the tabletop. As with all our other core game rules, a free demo version of Task Force Zeta will be made available so players can 'try before they buy'. A separate release announcement for Task Force Zeta will be forthcoming soon.