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Updates For Beyond the Gates of Antares Pre-orders Posted

Quite a few of you have possibly already sent in your pre-orders for the Beyond the Gates of Antares starter sets from Warlord Games. For those that might not have done so yet, today's the full official "pre-orders happening now" day (the previous announcement was sort of a "early pre-orders" phase). Warlord is showing off a bit more about what pre-order will get that regular sets later on won't get.

For these orders, you can expect the box cover artwork to be signed by game designer Rick Priestly. You'll also get free .pdf version of the Ghar and Concord army list from the rulebook. For those that like the idea of exclusive figures, you'll get the Fartok, Leader of Battle Group Nine, in his unarmored version. This figure will not be available again after the launch of the game. Finally, they have a few Transmat Station terrain pieces left over (less than 100 at time of typing this). So if you want some extra terrain with your order, you'd better hurry.

They have also officially launched the Beyond the Gates of Antares website. So you can go check that out.

Pre-orders are being taken until November 7th.