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As the world is gripped by Football Fever and we reach the middle of the year, the team at WI returns to the American Civil War to look at the Campaign for Chattanooga and the role played by Ulysses.S.Grant. On the website we take this opportunity to bring you two accompanying articles focusing on building ACW fences (from WI273 and WI252). We return the time of Napoleon with downloads for the Battle of Leipzig articles featured recently, and finally we have a pile of photos that did not make it in to WI272 for the First Sikh War and the Battle of Aliwal article.

WI272 Sold Out
As predicted sales of WI272 and the free copy of Osprey’s Men-at-Arms 153 – Napoleon’s Guard Infantry (1) has sold like the proverbial hot cakes. There are less than a hundred copies left in our warehouses so place your orders today if you want a chance to grab this great issue while it lasts.

Printing Error in WI273
Like all wargamers we love a good deal and the new shipping rates introduced by Warlord Games made us look twice. Unfortunately it also made us accidentally print part of their advert twice replacing the introduction to the second part in the series of Wargaming the Roman Army. We have printed the missing page for you so that you don’t miss out on being able to read the entirety of this great article.

Slip Cases
The team is working hard to get the final details sorted out for our new slip cases. These are designed to hold 12 issues of Wargames Illustrated and keep them well protected (as well as looking great in your wargaming room). They will form part of a new subscription deal that we will unveil soon.

Lastly we are always looking for people to contribute great articles, so if you have an idea for something please get in touch.


Last but not least we have a message from the New Zealand office – Go the All Whites (and watch out Paraguay.)

Wargames Illustrated Issue 273
Coming to stores in June is Wargames Illustrated issue 273; this issue’s theme is the American Civil War. It also includes a wide range of other articles that are sure to provide inspiration for any wargamer.

Wargames Illustrated Miniatures
Following on from the success of our Wargames Illustrated Exclusive range of ‘Ia Drang (Vietnam)’ figures; this month sees the release of more unique Wargames Illustrated figures in the form of our Moments in History collection.

Moments in History Miniatures Series 1
Moments in History Miniatures Series 2

Series 2 in now available via the online store:

WIM07 Battle of Little Bighorn…
WIM08 Montezuma and Cortez…
WIM09 Caesar and Vercingetorix…
WIM10 Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro…
WIM11 Napoleon at Rest…
New Subscription Deals for June

If your local gaming store is does not have Wargames Illustrated in stock ask them to get in touch with their Battlefront Miniatures sales person for stocking information. Alternatively you can subscribe via our online store and get your copy delivered straight to your letterbox.

WISUB32 – 12 Month Subscription & 2 ‘Moments in History’ mini-vignettes
WISUB33 – 12 Month Subscription & 6 ‘Moments in History’ mini-vignettes

Missionary Ridge
As the Union troops surged out of Chattanooga and moved against the Confederate soldiers who had besieged them, Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge seemed like daunting challenges. The Federals were fighting both their enemy and the terrain. We present here a scenario by Paul Leach that gives you a taste of the hardships faced on that cold mountainside in 1863.

The Battle of Leipzig Revisited
Paul Olszanski’s great table, was originally inspired by a few articles he had seen in early issues of Wargames Illustrated. Well, we dug around the archives and found the articles in question. Please enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a look at these three articles from WI32, WI33, and WI34 (April-June, 1990).

How To Make Fences
Fences of all sorts have often played pivotal roles on many battlefields. Sometimes they offer protection to soldiers that can get there first, but more often than not, they can also affect the movement plans of troops. Here we provide two downloads describing how to build fences for your ACW battlefields (although they can work well for other periods of conflict too).

The Perfect Battle: The First Sikh War and the Battle of Aliwal
In WI271 when we visited Victorian India for the First Sikh War and the Battle of Aliwal we were so inspired by the period and the figures that we went a little snap happy with the camera, resulting in a massive pile of photos that just could not fit in the magazine. Rather than resign these to the digital dustbin we thought you might enjoy them.