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Updated Wild West Exodus Rules Posted

Occasionally, game rules can use a bit of an update. You find a problem in balance or something's not working the way you intended, so you go in and fix things. Or, you've realized that some bits of the game are missing and you want to add to it. Whatever the reason, having the rules online gives you a chance to get those updates out to everyone. That's just what Wild West Exodus has done.

From the announcement:

Latest update of the Core rules and cards are now live. Weapons have had a massive overhaul so players will need to reference the latest unit cards when playtesting. With this update all playtest materials have been brought into line with Version 0.05 for clarity

All changes in the document are highlighted in red.
In addition to the weapons rules, changes have been made in the following areas:
Revised Disordered and introduced Yeller Checks for hands units.
Clarified Unit Coherency and character units
Added additional rules for Vehicle units
Clarified Fortune use
Clarified game Size and Adventure card use
Revised Dash Actions and weapons usage
Clarified Combat Actions and Rate of Attack
Clarified Portal Moves
Updated Weapon Qualities and Unit Special Rules