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Updated British Rifle decals from Alban Miniatures

Alban Miniatures have released an updated sheet of Napoleonic British Rifle decals. DE1 1 Decal Specimen From their announcement:
We have improved our rifle decals and the new code DE1.1 Rifle Decals are on sale now. Each decal sheet contains 50 back-pack and canteen decals for the 95th and 60th rifles. These decals have been researched by Alban and designed by Juicy Lime Studio's designer 'David Watts' exclusively for Alban. The decal designs were then shipped down to Cornwall for white ink printing and 'hey presto... New improved rifle decals'. These are available at just £2.50 per pack + P&P. We hope you like the final product of our efforts here at Alban Miniatures.