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Update on the Beyond the Gates of Antares Kickstarter

Beyond the Gates of Antares has one month to go on their Kickstarter project. They're about 1/3 of the way to their funding goal and have put up some updates to help things along.

About the updates:

Rick Priestley's new science fiction game, Beyond the Gates of Antares, is well into its Kickstarter campaign now with over 900 backers, almost £100,000 pledged to date and a very vibrant new community within its forums.

The game is entering the second phase of their Kickstarter and have been releasing daily updates with tons more information on the game, factions and further work on their model ranges – with WarDrones, Boromites and CoCom in the pipeline, amongst others. For those of you who haven’t been keeping an eye on the campaign here’s a summary from the past week:

Example Faction Forces

This is an overview of what each faction bring to the game
Freeborn concept artwork and background
Previously known the Freebooters this faction has a new name as well as more background backed up by some excellent concept art.
Q&A Volumes 1-5
Rick is keen to answer questions from the GoA forums varying from how females will be depicted to factions, species & biscuits!
Combat Status & Actions Explanation Videos
Rick’s new combat status game mechanic is proving popular with the community
Faction Icons released
We're constantly working on the looks, background and ID of each race and faction in the initial game.

List of upcoming updates
What’s due over the next 10 days or so
Final Hansa model - Parts 4-7
Hansa Nairoba, the exclusive Kickstarter miniature is finished now, with the full step by step development revealed of how Kev White created this special miniature...
Isorian Shard – Background
The ancient Isorians - where do they come from and what are their motivations?

Rules updates
As Rick builds the rules he’s releasing them to the community for feedback and comments. The next update will complete the basic outline pre-alpha rules and you can start playing games of beyond the Gates of Antares!

If this little lot hasn't inspired you to back the project, keep an eye on the Dark Space Corp website as there will be daily updates going in...