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Update from Hydra Miniatures HQ and preview of Robot Queen

Hydra Miniatures might not have been posting much lately, but that doesn't mean they haven't been busy.

From them to you:

Although things seem dead at Hydra HQ, we have been very busy creating new products. We are putting the finishing touches on the free Space Pirate PDF and will be releasing the Space Pirate class 3 and class 4 in a few weeks, probably the week of July 16th. In addition to the Space Pirates, we are also releasing a few new Retro Raygun miniatures. We are especially excited to be releasing Mechanika, Queen of the Robot Legion sculpted by the immensely talented John Winter.

Work is progressing on the Retro Raygun rules. After careful consideration, we scrapped the initial Retro Raygun rules demonstrated at Gen Con 2011. War Rocket author John Douma 's new version is an elegant set of rules that better capture the pulp flavor of retro sci-fi. The rules will be simple and adaptable enough to be used for small skirmish games up to large battles. We have no confirmed release date, but will share more info as we get closer to the launch.

So what else have we been working on? We are designing two new War Rocket fleets, one of which is almost completely sculpted. Work is progressing on Valkeeri support troopers and rocket sleds for Retro Raygun. We will also be introducing an exciting new product range in the next few months.

I can assure you that we've been busy! You can expect more complete news over the next few weeks.