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Update for Realm - Fantasy Warfare from Serious Lemon

Serious Lemon has been working on Realm - Fantasy Warfare pretty hard and they wanted to give everyone a progress report.

An update at last! Boy, did that take longer than I thought. We have made
some big, big changes to the game. It began innocently enough, looking at
all the feedback got on the initial release but surely did snowball into a
mammoth task.

There have been many changes, not least of which the new simultaneous turn
structure (we'll call it STS). The most common gripe to come out of Realm
was the 'old fashioned' IGO/UGO turn structure. A very early version of
Realm featured STS as an experiment - at the time, I gave up on it. Given
the feedback I was determined to make it work this time around and what we
have is I believe the closest you can get to simultaneous gameplay without
the use of a computer.

In order to accommodate STS, a lot of the fat had to be trimmed - too much
going on the table and it would just bog down. The result is a lighter,
streamlined and hopefully more fun set of rules.

The site itself has had a bit of a re-work. All of the lore has been moved
out into its own section, allowing the rules to remain uncluttered.
Notable Conflicts is a new section where we will posting various scenarios
to try out. The first one is up and there will be more to come.

So, once again we invite feedback. Play a game and let us know what you