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Update about XenoShyft's Kickstarter

XenoShyft has had to delay the start of their Kickstarter, but they've still got new card previews for you.



From the announcement:

Hey guys, Mr. Black here, Lead Developer for XenoShyft, and I'm coming to you guys with some good news and some unfortunate news.

I usually start with the negative first, so we'll get that out of the way:

Today was supposed to be the launch of the XenoShyft Kickstarter, but our approval process has taken longer than expected (usually this is a quick process, but it can get delayed- not something that has happened to us before )

So unfortunately it seems that our launch has been delayed until next week- we'll let you know as soon as possible on the exact day.

I do feel bad about this delay, as I was excited as anyone about showing this off- plus I'm sure it's a pain for you guys, so to make things a bit easier I've uploaded the entirely of the NorTec Troop Cards for you guys to see.

And of course, if you have any questions about the game itself, feel free to ask here, and I'll answer what I can (some secrets must remain that... For now...)