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Update about Torn Armor progress posted

Torn Armor posted a new update about how things are moving along with their project, including a brief note about Defiance.


From the update:

A quick update on the general pulse of things:

1) No word back from Defiance RE: "give us our money back." There are "legal types" involved. One day I'll tell you all about it (when it would not get in the way of justice), suffice to say that very capable people are involved and I will keep you up to date as things transpire.

2) We're waiting on 4 of 6 printing quotes to come in (when I say "printing" it really refers to anything "not miniatures," and includes dice and such. We're currently pinging these last four to see if we can get some quicker movement on this as it has been a while since we submitted our original specifications. More as it transpires ... still hoping one of two companies in particular come through for us on the quote size, as they've been a joy to work with.

3) We're using this time for final tweaks to layout and artwork. I showed you the item and equipment cards last week and immediately a few of you said "hmmm, heading is a little illegible ..." so we'll take that to heart and noodle accordingly.

Likewise I have unit cards to show you and rules. The rules are special - of course - because, well, it's the RULES!