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Update #15 for The Duke: Final stretch goals

The Duke is entering the last few hours of their project on Kickstarter. To end with a bang, they've got the last few stretch goals up... sort of.

From the campaign:

We have added two new stretch goals as well as a new Upgrade for The Duke. We're also preparing our final stretch goal for the campaign, to be revealed soon. AND, we are both frustrated and proud to say, you have forced us to put this game in a bigger box! We want to make certain you can hold all regular tiles plus at least one of each upgrade tile packs. Nice work, Kickstarters!

Designer Kit : $30,000

Kickstarters almost made this superfluous. We left for a day to hold a company meeting, and the campaign is almost there! So, we are partially unlocking it to add as an Upgrade Pack as well, to help the campaign past the $30,000 goal so that all may enjoy it, and maybe give a good push toward $35,000 as well.

The Design Kit stretch goal will include in each standard or limited edition of the game two tiles, one light stained and one dark stained, and two sheets of stickers for modifying the piece with your own design. Each tile will come with the movement grid already printed on it, but the rest is for you to create!

The Oracle : $35,000

The power (and dangers) of divination. Once this goal is unlocked, we will include with every standard edition of the game an Oracle in light and dark stained wood. The Oracle seems a simple piece, until reversed. There, it's power and its danger is reveled. The piece may not move at all until used, and then you may draw three tiles from your bag and select the one you would like to play on this turn. The Oracle then flips back to its normal posture.

??? : $40,000

We will have one more stretch goal to post soon. There are several ideas on the table. And with only three days left, this one may indeed be a stretch, so we will try to decide on something appropriate with which to end this campaign. Watch for new updates, coming soon.