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Upcoming VAT Free sale at Tor Gaming

Tor Gaming will soon be having a VAT Free sale. From their announcement:
After the recent rubbish weather, VAT rise and the fact that we appear to be in a recession that is just downright pants for everyone, we have decided that enough is enough and it's about time for something nice. So, starting in about a week’s time, and running for about two weeks we are having a VAT free sale.. 'What, how can we sell with out VAT???' you may be asking, well fear not, we're not dodging our tax commitments to HMRC, it's just a posh marketing way of saying we will be doing a 20% off sale for a couple of weeks. The sale will cover the Relics range of models and will be on all items in that range. Keep an eye out for the announcement with the start date; it's not that far away.