Upcoming Star Fleet releases

Amarillo Design Bureau have announced the the following products will be released on April 19th, 2010.

Romulan Armada
Expanding our Starmada line, the Romulans invade the Federation. This includes rules to bring 40 Romulan, Gorn, and Federation ships into the popular Starmada game system, along with plasma torpedoes, cloaking devices, and those sneaky Romulan privateers.
SKU #6102, $16.95

Squadron Box #27
Completing the ships from the popular Hydran Attack module, this new squadron box includes five important ships: Hydran Lancer destroyer, the never-seen-before Pegasus multi-mission cruiser, and the Hunter frigate, the WYN auxiliary cruiser, & Kzinti FFK frigate.
SKU #4327, $34.95

Klingon B9 Fast Battleship
Sleeker than the massive B10 battleship, the B9 is the racehorse of the breed. Over 20% faster and just as mean, it truly embodies the idea that it can destroy any ship able to catch it. It can catch any ship, and can easily destroy anything but a true battleship (and even give those a heck of a fight). And it’s following you!
SKU #0385, $19.95

One of the strangest of Hydran ships, this hull type was used as the basis of many different designs, including a cruiser, a carrier, a scout, a survey ship, a gunboat tender, a commando ship, and even a police traffic control headquarters ship. And now, you can use it to complete your Hydran fleet.
$9.95 SKU #0912.