Upcoming releases from The Army Painter

The Army Painter will be adding three new products to their range of paints and painting accessories.


From their announcement:

On March 22nd we’re releasing 3 new products to help you all to get those armies painted and on the battlefield faster!

Striving to deliver exciting new releases for the miniature wargamer, our Battlefields range will see an addition of 2 exciting products; Snow Flock and the innovative Highland Tuft; we expect a lot from the first out in a new series of Tuft. Also out this month is a new Colour Primer: Dragon Red.

Colour Primer: Dragon Red
A darker red than Colour Primer: Pure Red perfect for Deamons, Blood Angels or historical. Looks equally good with Quickshade: Dark Tone or on its own.

Battlefields: Snow Flock
A unique formula, easy to work with and it looks really cool (pun intended!). This is the most popular flock type and now it is finally available from our range.

Battlefields XP: Highland Tuft 6mm
Basing simply does not get better than this. Premade and shockingly good looking, the Tuft in this new XP series will rock the industry. Seriously.