Upcoming releases from FFG

Fantasy Flight Games have announced that the following will ship in late August and early September.

  • CT37 CoC LCG: The Wailer Below
  • FFS27 Black Card Game Sleeves
  • FFS28 Blue Card Game Sleeves
  • FFS29 Green Card Game Sleeves
  • FFS30 Red Card Game Sleeves
  • FFS31 White Card Game Sleeves
  • GOT61 Rituals of R’hllor
  • GOT66 AGoT LCG: Kings of the Storm Expansion
  • LTR12 Lord of the Rings (New Edition)
  • ST06 Constantinopolis
  • VA09 Arkham Horror
  • VA73 Dragonheart
  • WHC15 Warhammer Invasion LCG: March of the Damned Expansion
  • WHF02 Warhammer Fantasy: Adventurer’s Tool Kit
  • WW23a-l Wings of War: WWI: Series 4 Planes