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Upcoming Pathfinder Releases Previewed

PaizoCon has come and gone. There was a lot to behold for the almost 1000 attendees to this 4-day event of all things Pathfinder. One of the things people enjoy the most are getting to see what's coming out soon for the game. There's a trio of books that were shown off and now we've got some extra details about what they are so we can all be excited for their eventual release.

The first of these books is a new Adventure Path. For all those players who have been craving an evil campaign, Hell's Vengeance is just for you. Players take on adventurers in the Empire of Cheliax, a nation known for binding devels to their bidding. The "heroes" must stop various uprisings across the land. You know, all those goodie two-shoes that you usually play. Gotta put them in their place.

After that, there's the Bestiary 5 book. Because everyone can always use having more monsters around. It's like having "too many dice." It's just not something that happens. This book has new dragons, colossi, deep ones, and the grim reaper. In all, there's over 300 new creepy crawlies for you to add to your games. Hey, teamed up with the Hell's Vengeance book, you might be fighting along side some of these more than you'll be fighting against them.

Finally, the last one out will be Ultimate Intrigue. We don't know much about this one yet, except that it goes into the more "sly" world of RPG, where what your characters say and how they act is much more important than just how hard and often they can swing a sword around. Playtesting for this book will be coming next month. Stay tuned for more.