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Upcoming Knuckleduster releases

Knucklesduster have posted information about some upcoming 1812 miniature releases. From their website:
I'm about to release several new sets. At present, I am engaged in the tedious process of filing mold parting lines off master castings so they can be used to make production molds. For 1812 I'll be releasing US infantry in the ubiquitous "advancing" position (high porte, the classic French Napoleonic pose). It's a versatile pose, working equally well for formed infantry and skirmishers. I've finished four US General officers and staff. They include Brown, his aide Gardiner, Gen. Scott and Ripley. They will be released as two sets. Two new 28mm Old West packs will be released as well. They include a new set of Fancy House Gals, which will vastly improve upon and  replace the current set, and a set of six men at work (blacksmith, ditch digger, livery stable workers, etc.) which will replace the old "Onlooker" set. If you want either of these old packs, act quickly, because they will be disappearing within days.