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Upcoming FFG releases

Fantasy Flight Games have sent along details of several upcoming releases. Please note that these are not comprehensive lists of their releases. April 25th, 2011
  • CI01 Civilizations
  • WHF16 Warhammer Fantasy: Omens of War
  • WHC18 Warhammer Invasion: Twin Tailed Comet
  • GOT74 AGOT LCG: Queen of Dragons
Early May 2011
  • DW05 Deathwatch: Mark of Xenos
  • GW04 Chaos in the Old World: Mark of the Rat Expansion
  • TI05 Twilight Imperium: Shards of the Throne
  • WHF04 Warhammer Fantasy: Gathering Storm (reprint)
  • DT013 Dust Tactics: Special Ops Grenadiers
  • DT014 Dust Tactics: Special Ops Rangers
  • GOT69 AGOT LCG: Forging the Chain
  • CT16e COC LCG: Mountain of Madness (new 60 card format)
  • CT17e COC LCG: Ancient Horror (new 60 card format)
July 2011
  • GOT72 A Game of Thrones: Mask of the Archmaester
  • WHC21 Warhammer Invasion: Fiery Dawn
  • DU14 Deadwood
  • SL08 Red November (reprint)
  • CT12e Call of Cthulhu: Spawn of Madness
  • DH14 Dark Heresy: Church of the Damned
  • FFS44-49 Lord of the Rings Art Sleeves x 6
  • ST07 Ventura
  • MEC04 Lord of the Rings: A Journey to Rhosgobel
  • RA01 Rune Age