Upcoming Anima Tactics releases

Fantasy Flight Games have sent details of some upcoming miniature releases for Anima Tactics.

Neutral Faction CS3028 The Legacy of Solomon
The artifact known as the Legacy of Solomon is an unrivalled horror, a weapon built in a forgotten age that has unfortunately fallen back into the hands of mankind. It is a huge suit of exo-armor almost 13 feet tall. The most advanced and destructive weapon built during the Solomon Empire, its original name has been lost to the mists of time, its current name is reference to its origins and its role as the true legacy of a dead civilization.

Neutral Faction CS3029 Type-005
The Type-005 is the first real success of the Black Sun necromantic weapons program. An elite soldier of inhuman speed, strength, and resistance, a Type-005 is capable of creating animated blades and projectiles from its own bones. Featured in April’s Black Sun Boxed Set, this type-005 comes in a blister singly with a different body than the Type-005 in the boxed set.

Neutral Faction CS0006 The Wanderer Boxed Set
The Wanderer Boxed Set collects some of the oldest wanderer figures into a boxed set, giving a break on price for buying all of them at once. Once this boxed set has come out we will no longer offer each of these figures in single blisters through distribution.

  • CS3006 Sophia Ilmora
  • CS3007 Tsubasa Kurokami
  • CS3003 Akio Kageshima
  • CS3002 Faust Orbatos
  • CS1001 Khaine D’Lacreu
  • CS3001 Dereck Shezard