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Unwritten Kickstarter Soaring Through Stretch Goals

InkWorks Productions has made it to almost 3x their initial goal on Kickstarter, making it through several stretch goals along the way.


From the update:

The Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of MYST & Beyond Kickstarter has met with amazing success in just the first 4 days since launch.

Already we have met 3 goals, and we're fast approaching the fourth!


$6000 - UNLOCKED! - A D'ni short story

A tale set in the D'ni universe by Hugo-award winning science fiction author David D. Levine! PDF, Epub & Mobi (BOOK level and higher)

$8000 - UNLOCKED! - People & Ages of D'ni Sourcebook

Stats on notable people and places from D'ni's past and present. If we reach this goal, we will add FIVE MORE Guild of Writer pledges, and they'll be included in this book. PDF, Epub & Mobi(BOOK level and higher)

$10,000 - UNLOCKED! - Unwritten Pocket Notebook.

Made of 100% recycled materials, with a natural chipboard cover printed with the Unwritten logo. Additional notebooks will be available as an addon. (BOOK Level & Higher)

$15,000 - Fate Tokens & Free International Shipping

A bag of 12 wooden, laser engraved fate tokens (GUILDSMAN level and higher), and international shipping will be FREE for all pledge level items! (BOOK Level & Higher)