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Unusual Suspects Releases This Friday

I love a good party game. One that's easy to set up and explain to others, that's quick to play, and can create a lot of good laughs along the way. Many of these games fall into the, "throw in cards and someone judges the results"-style, those have never really been my favorite. So when a game that's a party game that isn't like that comes out, I'm interested. Unusual Suspects is just such a game, and it will be available this Friday.

I've actually played this one several times, dating all the way back to the CMON Expo this year, where we had a pre-production copy out for people to try. In it, one player is a witness to a terrible crime. The rest of the players are detectives. The detectives draw cards and ask the witness a series of questions, with the detectives having to eliminate a suspect with each question asked, depending on how the witness answers. If only the suspect is left in the lineup, everyone wins. If the suspect is tapped to go free, everyone loses. We actually had a first-turn win back at Expo. It was pretty cool.

Anyway, as I mentioned, the game will be released this Friday.