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Unseen Lerker issue 7 available

Issue 7 CoverIssue 7 of the Unseen Lerker magazine has been printed and is available for sale. From their website:
Despite the powers of fate conspiring to overthrow the world-famous publication (through cunning use of extensive floods, lashing rainstorms, abducted contributors and an undeniably unhinged editor), premier fantasy wargaming magazine Unseen Lerker is back in stride with its best issue ever.  Open the pages and what will you find? Well, let me tell you… Dastardly Dragons. Australian wargaming vaudevillian Chris Cousens may be obnoxious and ginger, but he knows a thing or two about using big flying beasties in Warhammer. Using witticisms, metaphors and maybe even a diagram or two, Chris explores whether or not there is still just cause to use dragons in the game’s latest incarnation. Wayne’s World. Your one stop hobby chop shop – avid converter and modeller Wayne Kemp, of Heelanhammer podcast fame, takes us through a step-by-step guide of how he went about his latest project: creating a voracious Beast of Nurgle using an infamous boxed set as a basis…
Banebeasts spotlight. In case you’ve been living under a very secure reinforced rock, you will have heard of Maelstrom Games’s latest range of fantabulous figures. In this interview we tie up and torture some info out of Tim Fisher, one of the project’s head honchos. Also, lots of pretty pictures and an exclusive sneak peek at their upcoming releases. Army Showcase: Mark Wildman’s Beastmen. After they won the Players’ Choice Best Army award at the Unseen Lerker GT, we really couldn’t get away with NOT featuring this gorgeous army. Included is an interview with the "artiste" himself where Mark divulges some of his painting techniques, talks about his dogs (don’t ask) and lets out his big secret about resin bases… Mega Report. There’s really no other way to describe the latter half of the issue except More Awesome Than Pie (and let’s face it, pie is pretty awesome). In this segment Bobo talks about building a scenic gaming board, a very special scenario is written, and an uber battle report is played recreating the clash at the Isle of the Dead from the background story of the High Elves – featuring a humongous dragon, the Sword of Khaine, and no less than FOUR greater daemons. The players involved are Paul Scott, of former White Dwarf/Tale of Four Gamers fame, and Michael Biggs, previous winner of the UKGT Final and current ETC Captain of Team England. Not a report to be missed. On top of this are all the usual features, including Lergy the Lerker comic strip, prizes to be won (including Maelstrom’s latest Banebeast, the fearsome Chimaera.), the Test Dummies’ review of Civilization: the Board Game, and some fantastic new artwork created by a pair of illustrators who have just come on board.