Unseen Lerker issue 6 released

Issue 6 of Unseen Lerker magazine is now available. From their website:
Well, it’s that time again. The premier independent fantasy gaming magazine continues its run of ambling shenanigans and outrageous fashion advice (seal fur is soooo in this season) with its October—November edition.  Still at 56 pages of full-colour, eye-melting goodness, the latest issue contains:  Wayne’s World: a brand new series of hobby articles written by Wayne Kemp of Heelanhammer podcasting fame. This issue he provides his unique take on building a Rat Ogre Bonebreaker from an all manner of bits and pieces, using a plastic River Troll as a basis. A Legend Never Dies: it may sound like the title for a James Bond film, but it’s actually a coverage of the recently held Giant Fanatic tournament, wonderfully written by our Danish agent in the field, Jimmi Stender. GF is one of the premier events in Europe and Jimmi gives us all the hot gossip on what went down, who did what, and what colour the carpet was (just kidding – there was no carpet). Also included is an interview with one of the organisers, a familiar face, about the merits of a newly conceived Line of Sight system that was used.
Army Showcase: "Old School" Chaos Warriors. Matt Birdoff is one of the most prolific Warhammer players in the USA. He’s owned eight Chaos armies over the years, each a little whackier than the last, and this issue we showcase his latest weird and wonderful creations. Huge Kings of War coverage. Included with the magazine is a copy of Mantic Games’s Kings of War, a brand new set of fantasy gaming rules that you can use with your existing miniatures. We also managed to land an interview with their CEO Ronnie Renton, get the Test Dummies to do a review of the rules, score two units of Undead Cavalry to give away, use their studio armies in a Dwarfs vs Undead battle report, and even use our patented Jedi Mind Tricks to convince them to let us give away an entire army. Intrigued? As always you can check out a 10-page preview of the magazine here (PDF link).