Unseen Lerker issue 4 now available

Issue 4 CoverIssue 4 of the Unseen Lerker magazine is now available

From their announcement:
Within the murky pages of Issue 4 you will find:

• A rundown of Maelstrom Games’s Summer Incursion event, held at their ultimate gaming venue in Mansfield, including photos of the winners, the players and the BBQ, plus an interview with head organiser Gary Moore.
• The Dark Side: a brand new column discussing alternative games systems, this month featuring Russ Wakelin of the internationally acclaimed D6 Generation podcast talking about his favourite game of all, Warmachine.
• The Hobby Corner, with world famous eccentric painter Joe Sturge, who tells us all there is to know about paintbrushes, Dali, and gruel.
• Army Showcase featuring the swashbuckling Swedish Tomb Kings of Jacob Scott, including genies, flying carpets, parasols, and maybe even an elephant.
• A special Wood Elves vs Empire 8th edition battle report between two of the Unseen Lerker staff, testing out the new rules and one of the rulebook scenarios.
• Plus all of the usual features, like the Test Dummies reviewing River Horse’s Shuuro game (and giving a copy away), a Special Characters interview with the man behind the European Team Championships, a review of the new Red Dead Redemption video game, and a Reader’s Rant written by a woman.

As always you can check out a full quarter-length sample of the magazine HERE.