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Unofficial Warhammer 8th Edition Dogs of War army posted

A new, fan created, 8th Edition Dogs of War army book has been posted for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. From their announcement:

Another top notch unofficial army book has just been released for Warhammer Fantasy Battle. The Dogs of War army is fully up-to-date and compliant with 8th edition rules. A 99 page, free to download or view online army book. Loads of fluff, 17 units and 14 Lord and Hero level characters to choose from. It’s been very well constructed thanks to some expert input from 3 Fantasy Battle veterans. If you’re interested in fielding a Composite army that could contain Ogres, Dwarfs, various Humans, Elves, Giants and even Halflings (all fighting over one hot pot) then this could be the army for you. The inspired War Academy concept alone is well worth a read. Note: this is completely unofficial and is NOT endorsed by Games Workshop.