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Unlocks and Add-Ons for Shieldwolf Miniatures Kickstarter

Shieldwolf Miniatures is just flying through stretch goals like a wyvern... in fact, they just unlocked their Orc Wyvern for their campaign. They've also added a bunch of models from their webshop, at a special Kickstarter price, to their campaign as add-ons.


From the post:

So, the Wyvern finally unlocked, we are confident Olivier Nkwetti will sculpt a beautiful miniature! :-)

In the meanwhile, we mean to support this campaign as much as possible. We have listened to the feedback from our backers and have come up with the following offers, through this crowdfunding project alone! :-)

As you can see, we've added an avalanche of goodies from our webstore, the production of which is in our hands 100% (where we have been casting our product in our private facilities) and the only thing that worries us and may cause issues is the amount of regiments requested from our backers. It is for this reason that we decided not to include the Light Barbarian Infantry in our offer but also to limit the Undead to a number of 100 for each regiment (200 boxes in total), a number in our opinion more than sufficient to secure enough for everyone, but if for some reason it goes ballistic, then we are going to unfortunately find ourselves forced stop in order to respect our timelines to the project itself.

So, hope you enjoyed the news!
(Going to sleep now, 02.00 a.m. atm...)

Thank you!